You're busy with your business, let Movylo keep your customers coming back
and generate trackable extra sales.

Our Clients

Movylo is a one stop, automated loyalty & marketing solution for local businesses
that drives trackable EXTRA sales with a very limited effort. It includes


Multiple tools to manage and grow the customer list of your business


A loyalty engine, that assigns points and rewards to your customers - and keeps them coming back


A promotional engine to help you send offers, coupons, newsletters and flyers to customers via multiple channels


A payment system, to help you get paid by your customers both in store, via mobile and online

How to market your business and see more sales

We know: you don't have time to learn marketing stuff.

That's why local businesses around the world are using Movylo to do their marketing without spending too much time!

Set it up, let it run, start making more sales with almost no effort

make more sales
increase your sales

How Does Movylo Help You To Increase Your Sales?

Movylo does a number of effective marketing activities for you, such as:

  • Help you to manage and grow your customer list via social and in store
  • Send coupons, rewards and special offers to customers – reminding them to come back
  • Send birthday wishes (with a coupon) to customers – automatically on their birthday
  • Reconnect with lost customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while
  • Reward your top customers, and motivate them to buy more from you

All on AUTOPILOT, so you save your time!