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promote your shop to find new customers, send targeted promotions , online marketing

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marketing for restaurants , acquire new customers , brings new customers in your local


marketing for beauty salons , acquire new customers, brings new customers into your salon

Beauty Salons

How to fix the problem and get more sales

We know, you don't have time to learn marketing stuff.

That's why 10,000+ local businesses in the world are using Movylo:
to do their marketing without dedicating too much time!

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How can Movylo achieve these results?

Movylo does a number of effective marketing activities for you like:

  • Help you manage and grow your OWN customer list via social and in store
  • Send coupons, rewards, loyalty points, birthday wishes ... to customers
  • Reconnect with lost customers, trying to bring them back
  • Reward top customers and motivate them to buy more
  • Help you get paid by customers, even when they're not in your store

All On Auto-Pilot!

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