Promote Your Local Business,
Reward Customer Loyalty
and Increase Sales!

Promote Your Business,
Engage Customers
and Increase Sales!

Trusted by over 10,000 local businesses. Movylo engages your
customers, increases their loyalty and encourages them to buy more!

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promote your shop to find new customers, send targeted promotions , online marketing

Local Shops

Send your customers rewards and coupons - automatically whenever they buy from you!

marketing for restaurants , acquire new customers , brings new customers in your local


Build customer loyalty and increase sales by sending new offers via email & text!

marketing for beauty salons , acquire new customers, brings new customers into your salon

Beauty Salons

Increase sales on slower days by sending special-offers to your clients!

Find new customers with mobile , create loyalty cards , Customer loyalty

Grow Your
Customer List

Your "customer list" is a goldmine for business.

Every new contact you collect is a way to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Movylo makes it EASY to grow your customer list!

Send loyalty cards to customers , increases sales of your store , Create custom coupons

Increase Customer Loyalty

Create your own loyalty program and reward customers the way YOU like!

Promote your business , Send coupons and offers to your customers, Acquire new customers

Bring Customers Back And Drive Extra Sales

Promote your products & services with coupons via text, email and social networks – all on autopilot!