Success story: Brewlab

Who we are

We are a pub in Charleston, USA, and we wanted to build customer loyalty by implementing loyalty programs and communicating with them. However, we never had the time to learn how to use software to do it, until we discovered Movylo.

How we use Movylo

We produce and sell our own beer and organize local events. We have been using Mailchimp for a while to send newsletters to our customers. Then we started using Movylo and shifted all our marketing efforts to it because, in addition to sending newsletters, it also helped us build a loyalty program, use coupons, automate many messages, and more.

We started offering a BOGO bonus (Buy One, Get One) on our website and Movylo captured 184 customers in less than 2 months with it.

The Movylo engine started to understand who the customers were, how loyal and engaged…all this automatically.


Results we have achieved with Movylo


All these activities done automatically by Movylo convert the customer list into real sales, which grow every month