How it works

See how easy it is to start using Movylo

Follow the 5 goals to start seeing your first sales arrive!

Goal #1

Enter information about your business

Make sure you're easy to find by customers on their smartphones

Goal #2

Turn on the Autopilot

Let Movylo work for you by engaging with your customers automatically! Sending birthday wishes, loyalty rewards, last minute promotions... all without lifting a finger

Goal #3

Grow your customer list

Collect customers' contact info via in store material, social networks, Facebook Sponsored Campaigns, GMAIL, and by importing your existing records. Use these profiles to better understand who your customers are, their interests, shopping habits, how they rate your business and much more

Goal #4

Create your own loyalty program

Reward your top customers & re-engage with inactive ones. Assign loyalty points and rewards and measure your customers' level of engagement

Goal #5

Promote your business and drive more sales!

Create unlimited promotions and send them via email, SMS, push notifications and social networks. Produce trackable sales both in store and via online/mobile, selling to customers even when they are NOT in your store!