Success story: Desole Clothing Store

Who we are

Our clothing store has been offering the best brands for our customers for over 70 years. We have long been looking for solutions to build customer loyalty and methods to increase sales, quickly and easily.

How we use Movylo

As a first step, we started using Movylo stickers and flyers to get customers to register to our list and invite them to download the app, to follow our offers in real time.

In addition, we were able to profile the customer list according to customer preferences to always send the right promotions for each category of interest.

We also activated a loyalty program to increase customer engagement and this helped us close more sales.

Results we have achieved with Movylo

After a short time, we began to see results as, as the customer list grew, we were able to take advantage of all of Movylo’s means of promotion, which were greatly appreciated by our customers, who returned to the store much more often to use the coupons they received by email or downloaded from the automated Facebook posts.