Learn how the Movylo AutoPilot works


First of all: what is the Movylo AutoPilot?

The AutoPilot is an engine that will help your business sign up customers and engage with them, in order to close more sales. It will help you achieve 3 levels of success.


It helps you build your Customer List by capturing customers and potential customers from multiple sources. It helps you connect a pop-up to your website to capture the clicks, to automate your social media posts, to share a link in bio on Instagram, to use QR codes, and so on.


It helps you convert the customer list into engaged customers. When your customer list starts to grow, the AutoPilot kicks in and starts sending to these customers messages (via email, SMS, social, …) like: “Thanks for signing up”, “Come back to visit us”, “Bring a friend”, “Happy birthday” and so on. No more than 2-3 messages per month, we don’t want to be too pushy, and very targeted and personalized based on the decisions/behaviour of the customers.


It helps you convert engagement into real sales. The messages sent by the Autopilot can include a bonus for the customers. Something you decide, it can be a 10% discount, a free beer… whatever you like. Some of the customers receiving the messages (see Level 2) will decide to redeem the bonus and to do it, they will have to bring a coupon to your place, call you or use it online and this will help you close more sales.

Want to see some
real examples?

Click here to send yourself a couple of emails sent by the AutoPilot
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Click here to see some social posts managed by the AutoPilot
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DON’T WORRY: It’s all automated, requires no marketing/technical skills to use and can be shaped and customized the way you like, real time.


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