Reserve with Google

Make bookings in your restaurant quick and easy.

What is Reserve with Google?

Reserve with Google is an online service that allows customers to book appointments with local businesses directly through Google’s search platform. This service facilitates the booking process by offering users the possibility to view the availability of schedules and to book directly without having to leave the Google search page.

Why choose Reserve with Google?

‘Reserve with Google’ simplifies the management of bookings for restaurants and customers. Offering unprecedented online visibility, this tool is a real leverage for expanding your customer base and distinguishing yourself from the competition.

For restaurants

  • Increase the visibility of your restaurant
  • Find new customers
  • Efficient management of bookings
  • Useful feedback, get reviews and ratings

For customers

  • Convenience and speed thanks to the smooth and immediate process
  • Greater choice and flexibility, display real-time availability

Advanced Functionality

Customised management
Set availability, manage cancellations and easily update contact information.

Monitoring and optimisation
For restaurants with multiple locations, manage each booking separately, optimising capacity and service quality.

Ready to start?

First of all, make sure you have a verified Google My Business tab and a compatible online booking system, such as Movylo.

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