Movylo features.

Here you can see all the features included in the Movylo service.

To find new customers

Connectors, plugins, widgets, automations to capture and sign up customers from multiple sources: your website, Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, Whatsapp, in-store material and QRcodes, …
A customizable customer sign-up page, to register customers and collect the data you want, not only email and phone number
This is to help you sign up new customers and grow your Customer List

To manage customers

A complete CRM where you can manage your customers
Public filters (group customers based on what they say, e.g. their preferences about food)
Private filters (group customers based on your choice, e.g. old customers, high-spending customers, …)
This is to help you keep track of customers, what they do, …

To promote your business

A couponing engine, to create and send your offers, daily deals, and promos to customers via email, SMS, social media, mobile App, …
A newsletter engine, to create and send your content, invites, updates to customers via email, SMS, social media, mobile App, …
A loyalty engine, to create your loyalty program for customers (e.g. with 5 points you get a coffee, with 20 points you get a beer, …)
A campaign scheduler, to schedule promotions, messages, newsletters when you want and make sure Movylo delivers them at the right moment
A booking engine, to accept reservations from customers, e.g. book a table, make a reservation, get in line, …
A delivery engine, to manage food delivery, riders, …
A product catalog, to import your product inventory and promote them
You can create unlimited promotions, and newsletters and promote your business both manually and automatically.

To get paid by your customers

In-store payments with QRcodes (e.g. your customers download a coupon and come to your place to redeem something)
Online payments (e.g. your customers receive an offer from you and buy it directly on their phone). You can connect your bank account (via Stripe secure checkout), PayPal, …
This is to help you close more sales

Tons of analytics

Learn more about customers, sales, shopping habits, conversions, …
This is to help you learn what happens and improve

A Mobile App

For you, to help you promote your business on the go
For your customers (not mandatory!), to help them stay in touch with you, buy your products/offers, see your messages, …

Curious of how much you would pay for all these features with other solutions?

Let’s do some math …
To send newsletters, you could take Mailchimp > $11/month up to 3,000 emails per month
To manage customers you need a CRM, you could take Hubpost > $45/month, basic plan
To create offers and promote your business you could use Groupon or something similar, probably taking you a 20-30% on each sale
Just to have these 3 solutions (and the complexity of managing them separately) the cost would be around $50/month with their basic plans + 20-30% on sales...
* (These prices have been checked on December, 2022 and may vary in the future)


Would you rather keep
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