Success story: Luca X Firmo Beauty Salon

Who we are

We have been running our beauty salon in the province of Brescia for some time. We already have several regular customers but we wanted to find a way to retain new people through several quick and easy methods. In this Movylo really helped us a lot because in one platform we could do several Marketing activities automatically.

How we use Movylo

We started by importing our own list of customers and then thanks to marketing materials, “introduce us to a friend,” website pop-ups and Facebook the list continued to grow day by day reaching more than 2000 contacts.

Because of this we were able to maintain constant communication with customers, both by e-mai and social. This has brought excellent engagement returns: interactions, reviews, but most importantly coupon downloads, i.e., extra sales

Results we have achieved with Movylo

The result was satisfactory as the customer list began to grow and at the same time so did sales, as a great many customers were coming back to us to take advantage of the promotions and offers they were receiving automatically thanks to Movylo.