What is Uber Eats and why is different from Movylo?

What is Uber Eats and why is different from Movylo

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If you are a consumer and live in a big city, most likely you already know what is Uber Eats and how to use it. With about 81 million users Uber Eats is the internationally most popular food delivery service, available in over 6,000 cities in 45 countries.

The global online food delivery market continues to grow and is expected to do so at a compound annual growth rate of 10.8% from 2022 to 2028. (Source Bloomberg Second Measure).

To understand what Uber Eats is, it is important to say that with DoorDash, Grubhub, Just Eat, Deliveroo compete for the market with innovation blows as the most popular food delivery services. Uber Eats to diversify its existing business launched a US grocery service and also acquired alcohol delivery company Drizly.

In this article we will see how to take advantage of Uber Eats to find new customers and combine its use
with a Uber Eats alternative: Movylo the service specialized in customers retention in the food market.
Let’s see how to use UberEats.

What is Uber Eats and how website works

What is Uber Eats in practice? On UberEats customers will find restaurant information like:

    • restaurant hours and contact information
    • restaurant ratings, comments and reviews 
    • the kinds of food served and menu
    • how long it takes for food to arrive

Customers place their order on the Ubereats app

Customers can use the app to place their order which can be done via a mobile web browser or using downloaded apps for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. They can also get real-time updates about their driver’s location in the app.

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uber eats app

How does Uber Eats work for restaurants?

To become a partner of Uber Eats a restaurant has to sign on the platform and upload its menu. 

A customer will find the restaurant and will place its order through the Uber Eats app.

The restaurant receives the order, accept it and start preparing.

Every restaurant can manage the delivery on its own or use a delivery partner that the platform makes available.

It only takes a few days to start selling with Ubereats. It will depend on how many locations the
restaurant has and the average number of online orders it gets monthly or weekly.

How much does Uber Eats cost for restaurants?

A one-time activation fee is charged when a restaurant partners with Uber Eats. Activation includes a welcome kit, a tablet, restaurant software and a professional photo shoot of the dishes to make them more appealing. Uber Eats charges a fee per delivery: a percentage of every restaurant’s order made through Uber Eats.

There are three different plans based on the percentage that the restaurant pays to UberEats.

The cheapest starts from a 15% fee for delivery orders and 6% fee for pickup. It’s the solution suggested for businesses looking to reach customers who already know the restaurant. Customers will find the restaurant in the app only looking for the name.

The second plan is for businesses who are looking for new customers. The Restaurant, who pay 25% fee for delivery orders and 6% fee for pickup, will be shown in the search results and in the home page of the Uber Eats app.

The premium plan is for restaurants who wants to use UberEats as a promoter to maximize their sales. Businesses that will pay 30% fee for delivery orders and 6% fee for pickup, will receive higher visibility by appearing among the first results on the home page and search results.

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Movylo delivery app vs Uber Eats 

Now that we have explained what Uber Eats is and how popular it is, we can think about how to exploit it to the advantage of restaurants: that is, to attract new customers. Movylo is the most suitable delivery app in other cases. There is no need to pay Uber Eats a 15% for an order that comes from a loyal customer who knows and chooses a restaurant, even less if you don’t even have to use the drivers for home delivery.

Movylo, as a service for local businesses, is a delivery app that manages:

      • online orders–directly from the restaurant

      • the flow of home deliveries (the driver who delivers is managed by the restaurant)

      • reservations,

      • a loyalty program

      • marketing campaigns to retain customers and encourage them to return without requiring any percentage per order

    Restaurants are allowed to build a customer list they can contact, without having to wait for them.
    The autopilot will send them messages automatically to encourage your customers to come back.

    Movylo is available in four monthly plans based on customer list size. You can activate and try Movylo in minutes
    for free and start attracting customers to your restaurant right now. Up to 25 customers is free,
    then with a monthly subscription you start paying. You will find all plans here.

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    Movylo in three steps

        1. Build a customer list is only the first step to increase your sales.

        1. The second one is to activate the autopilot. This intelligent engine works to make your customers come back more often, by sending them personalized messages. 3-4 times a month they will receive messages like:
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          • Hey [name of your customer] thanks for eating with us here’s a xxx$ voucher for your next dinner with your partner.

          • Hey [name of your customer] thank you for sharing your opinion with your friends, we know you have great taste.

          • We reserved for you a bonus for a new dinner in our restaurant

          • ….and so on.

        Every occasion, such as birthdays, and every event like when your customer refers his friends, the aupilot will send a message to the customer with a bonus, as a reward.

        You set the bonus at the beginning and then you have only to wait for the sells

        In order to work better, the autopilot needs fuel: the customers. By connecting
        different sources to Movylo: the website, the social profiles of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp,
        Google My Business every restaurant will see grow his customer list….

        3. The third and last step in Movylo are the sales. Do nothing and wait. Here is where to monitor the coupons downloaded, the bestsellers and all the sales in store and digital realized with Movylo.

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