How to convert your website clicks into real sales

How to convert your website clicks into real sales

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You’re running a local business and you’ve invested a decent amount of money in building an amazing website, with the promise that this will flood your email with inquiries and you will convert website clicks into real sales and fill your pocket with money. You start checking your inbox everyday and nothing is arriving. Your phone never rings, and new customers never arrive. This frustrates you.

You call your web developers / marketing agency after a month or two complaining about the fact the website they’ve built you sucks and that you’ve spent all this money and got nothing in return.

They tell you that you need to be patient, that it’s a long term-investment, and that it needs time. You’re impatiently waiting for sales to arrive, for customers to book a call, for an email to arrive, but still nothing happens. You call the web developers / marketing agency, even with more frustration and disappointment, asking them for an explanation…

They’ve promised you customers, inquiries, phone calls, but none of this happened. They tell you the reason why nothing happened is because you’re not visible to customers who are browsing the web, that you’re on the 121st page of Google, and that the only solution for that is to invest in search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising, and a bunch of other stuff you have no clue about.

After a long back and forth discussion, you agree to dry out your pocket, with the promise of more traffic to your website, more inquiries, bookings, and phone calls. They tell you that this needs a couple of months to work. You’ve been kicked back on your heels -financially speaking- and hoping for a return on your investments in the near future.

A couple of months pass, you’ve got 7 emails, 3 bookings, and 2 sales out of the thousands you’ve spent on your website. You start getting furious, you start thinking that you’ve got ripped off, scammed, and lied to. You call the marketing agency / web-developers, complaining again about the fact that you’ve been deceived again… You’ve spent thousands and got a couple of bucks in return.

Is digital marketing a scam?

You’re wondering: Is digital marketing a scam? Is this industry just a rip-off?  They tell you that you’re not being scammed, that your website got 20,000 clicks in the last 3 months, and they show you all the lovely numbers. Well, 20,000 potential customers visiting your website seems like an amazing number. You might like clicks, but what you really want and love is sales!

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You keep on paying thousands every month for clicks and numbers, your bookings and sales increase insignificantly and you just can’t take it anymore, can’t afford it anymore, you’re under a huge debt, so you cancel everything and take an oath that you’ll never trust the marketing industry every again. It’s all a scam, all they want is just your money. You’ve wasted tons of thousands of dollars and got nothing in return.

You start searching for ways to recover all this money but you’re just clueless… You spend hundreds of hours searching for “hacks” and “tips and tricks” to “quadruple your sales in 30 days”. You try everything but nothing works… You’re under debt, got scammed, and ripped off of all the money you had. How are you going to recover all this money? How are you going to pay all these debts? You take an impulsive decision to close the business and you’re left devastated.

Does this ring a bell?

Traditional marketing and advertising just aren’t effective in the digital world

In fact, this is the case of 90% of local businesses nowadays. Traditional marketing and advertising just aren’t effective enough in the digital world, so these businesses tend to try going digital and fail miserably. This narrative applies to many local businesses.

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The Adam’s Café story

Just for illustrative purposes, we’re going to tell you the story of a restaurant/ café/bar called Adam’s Café, which faced a very similar problem, but eventually found the ultimate hack to 100x its sales.

Adam’s Café is a small coffee shop/bar/restaurant that has been part of the Colorado Springs Community since 1954. Generations of Springs Families have grown up sharing delicious, homemade meals together at Adam’s Café.

They’ve been working with printed advertising for years and were wondering whether they could reach more customers digitally. So, they invested thousands of dollars in building and running a website, and in online advertising and search engine optimization. Months kept on passing and nothing significant was happening, just as described above.

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They hired a group of marketing experts to investigate on the matter, and they discovered that the reason why they weren’t seeing results – even though they had an amazing website and were driving lots of clicks, just like millions of other small businesses, is because they weren’t capturing and converting these website clicks and searches into sales, so they were getting lost.

Why is website lead capturing and conversion relevant?

Lead capturing and conversions are foundational for any business, regardless of the size or the industry. Clicks and leads that a website received should be captured and converted into sales (monetized). This is not an easy task and it takes lots of time every day.

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have time, patience, skills, money, or even the tools and personnel to capture customer information from multiple source (Website, Facebook, Google, In-store) and to then send deals, newsletters, birthday wishes, and many more to these customers on a regular basis. This is a little bit mind-boggling; we know.

However, this is what it really takes to convert your website clicks into loyal customers and sales. What big companies have, that you lack, is a marketing department that does exactly what we just explained. As a local business, you definitely don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to invest in a marketing department, and you definitely don’t have the time to do all of these tasks on a daily basis. So, it might seem that you’re stuck again and everything seems so complicated, expensive and nearly impossible to achieve.

Adam’s Café’, with the help of a group of marketing experts, have finally cracked the code and found the hack, whatever you want to call it😊

So, what is the real “simple hack to close 100+ sales / month”?

How Adam’s Café converts website clicks into real sales

Adam’s Café’ and their group of marketing experts started a large-scale investigation for something that gets the job done without lifting a finger, is significantly cheap, and that delivers real money to the table. Too good to be true, huh?

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It was during this period when they came across Movylo – a service that promises real sales and not clicks- The way it does that is:

      • Capturing clicks from your website,

      • Building a customer list,

      • Engaging with this customer list to close more sales and acquire new loyal customers, on Autopilot.

    This line seemed catchy to Adam’s Café’, and they had all sorts of doubts running through their minds, but due to the cheap cost of this service, their marketing experts recommended trying this service for a couple of months, to verify if it fulfills its promises.

    Adam’s Café’ connected their website to Movylo. This is their website with the Movylo widget:

    How to convert your website clicks into rel sales

    This, over time, has been the first result: A Brand-new customer list. They captured 2154 clicks (unique customers) from their website!

    How to grow sales from clicks with Movylo

    As soon as the customer list ramped up, the “Movylo Autopilot”, powered by artificial intelligence, started to engage with such customers, driving reviews, feedback on customer satisfaction, and above all acquiring new customers: 110 in less than 30 days!

    How to acquire new customers

    But the real value that Movylo brought to Adam’s Café can be measured with what all local businesses really want, Sales! They’ve closed 85 sales in less than 30 days!

    These sales started growing month after month! Adam’s Café’ has been closing 100+ sales per month for the last 2 years, and their sales keep on growing more and more!

    how to grow sales from clicks with Movylo

    Monthly sales for Adam's Cafè

    Well, they’ve definitely have cracked the code and certainly found the hack to close 100+ sales in less than 30 days! It took them years to discover it, but eventually they did and the money they’ve spent on their website and the group of marketing experts have come back, but this time 100x.

    Want to become the next Adam’s Café? Claim your free marketing consultation.