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Just Eat app and Movylo app should be used as a number one resource by restaurants looking to capitalize on the delivery service boom. Just Eat is already the leading food delivery provider in the United Kingdom and they are set to make waves globally. Restaurants will also benefit from pairing Just Eat with Movylo’s order flow and order management systems to truly optimize their delivery processes.

The restaurant industry has changed a lot in the past decade. Now, more than ever before, delivery orders make up a large portion – and in some cases, the majority – of work that restaurants do.

According to recent reports, global online food delivery generated $136 billion dollars in revenue in 2021. By 2024, that same number is expected to reach close to $200 billion. With so much growth in the industry, many restaurants and customers alike are asking the question: which delivery service is best?

Let’s take a look at exactly why you should utilize Just Eat and Movylo for your restaurant delivery services.

What is Just Eat?

Positioned as one of the top food delivery apps in the world, the Just Eat app is currently the leading restaurant delivery service in the UK. They operate in over 20 countries and have partnerships with over 680,000 partners throughout the globe.

On average, restaurants that use Just Eat get an additional 4,000 food orders each year. Because of Just Eat’s impressive marketing capabilities, they support over 12 million return customers each month.

How does Just Eat work for customers?

Of all the best food delivery apps to choose from, many customers prefer using Just Eat for its ease-of-use and access to a wide range of restaurants. Customers can access the Just Eat app via phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

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Here is a step-by-step look at how to order food with Just Eat:

      • Log into the mobile app or website

      • Enter postcode and address

      • Choose a restaurant to order from

      • Sort through their menu – It’s best to sort by cuisine or dish type

      • Choose whatever your stomach desires

      • Checkout

    Many of the restaurants on Just Eat also offer a takeaway option. If customers would rather collect their order from the restaurant on premise, they will have the option to do so.

    In addition to their simple order process, Just Eat is often regarded as one of the best food delivery options because of its quality control. They work hand in hand with each restaurant to ensure that no items go missing and no meal goes undelivered. Just Eat even leaves a section on the order profile for customers to add a special request to their order, such as extra onions on a burger or ketchup instead of mustard!

    Just Eat makes checkout simple with a variety of payment methods:

        • Debit or credit card

        • Apply Pay or Google Pay

        • Paypal

        • Cash at select restaurants

      Once the order has been placed, they’ll send a confirmation email with all the details of the order attached. Just Eat also regularly offers money-saving discounts and offers that customers can use at checkout.

      How does Just Eat work for restaurants?

      As it is the case with consumers around the world, many restaurants proclaim Just Eat to be one of the best food ordering apps because of its simplicity – not to mention the exclusive marketing and partnership advantages.

      Restaurants can apply easily with Just Eat’s online application. As long as all documents are submitted and meet Just Eat’s standards, restaurants are up and running on Just Eat’s app within 5 business days.

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      Restaurants that partner with Just Eat receive a number of advantages, including:

          • Marketing promotion on the Just Eat app and website

          • An Orderpad tablet and printer to help with order management

          • Personalized data insights

          • Up to 7% cashback at Booker and Makro

          • Up to £1,000 off electric delivery bikes and scooters

          • Annual savings on energy bills (on average £1,150 per year)

          • Free Just Eat merchandising

        Restaurants that are already equipped with delivery drivers will have the easiest time getting started on Just Eat. With that being said, Just Eat has a thriving network of food couriers that helps to support restaurants in certain areas.

        Another reason as to why Just Eat is one of the more popular food delivery apps is that they charge absolutely no fee to join. They charge a flat fee on every order accepted within the app, starting at 14% for restaurants that provide their own drivers or couriers. Just Eat also charges an admin charge for each order, but it is passed on to the customer in most cases.

        What is Movylo?

        Movylo provides one of the world’s leading marketing automation engines for local businesses. It’s designed to help optimize and automate customer engagement, helping to drive more people into stores and generate more sales.

        Movylo helps to increase the flow of customers to your restaurant or store across all platforms (social media, search, website, etc.). Our team has worked hard to help local businesses promote their brands around the world, grow their influence, and convert more prospects into paying customers.

        How does Movylo work for restaurants?

        Working with a food delivery app like Just Eat or Uber Eats has its advantages. With that being said, restaurants who pair Just Eat with Movylo will benefit from a growing customer list that will increase sales month after month.

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        Here is how it works:

            • Your restaurant signs up with Movylo on our website.

            • Movylo goes to work creating customer lists across all platforms, gaining new customers each month.

            • Movylo ramps up marketing content across platforms, eventually automating the entirety of your marketing efforts.

            • Movylo builds a retaining customer list with a personalized customer loyalty program.

            • Your restaurant receives new sales from new customers each month because of your growing customer list!

            • Monitor your growth on Movylo’s innovative and easy-to-use dashboard.

          Want to hear more about Just Eat and Movylo?

          It can be difficult to market your business on your own. Considering the evolution of the restaurant industry in recent years, it’s more important than ever to have a marketing presence that targets the food delivery craze. On this topic, please, also read Restaurant marketing. How to drive sales and customers. 

          Just Eat is one of the premier food delivery apps for restaurants across the world. If your restaurant is looking to gain exposure in the delivery-centric food industry, you truly can’t go wrong with Just Eat. Their numbers speak for themselves – doing over one billion orders in the last 12 months alone!

          For restaurants really looking to make waves in the business they do each month, Just Eat is only the beginning. Movylo provides restaurants the opportunity to take their sales to the next level with automated marketing. With Movylo, your restaurant will be able to build an ever-growing customer list, convert more prospects into paying customers, and expand your brand outreach.

          Ready to hear more about what Movylo can do for your restaurant? Feel free to reach out for a consultation with a specialist today!