How Movylo helps you close sales through Facebook likes

How Movylo helps you close more sales through Facebook likes


Throughout the world, sales teams constantly search for a competitive advantage or a secret money-making weapon. Guess what, though? Such a thing exists and is known as a Movylo. You might not be familiar with Movylo, a sales stimulant that has the potential to impact your Facebook likes significantly. We’ll tell you all there is to know about Movylo in this blog article and how it may boost your sales of goods and services.

What is Movylo?

A conversion engine and sales accelerator, Movylo. It will support client interaction and increase revenue for your company by phone, online, and in-store.

Movylo is a conversion and sales engine. It assists your company in engaging with clients and generating more revenue. Online, over the phone, (via app) and in person. You need to connect Movylo to your website and social media profiles to expand your company’s consumer base.

Movylo AutoPilot will begin interacting with clients to help you close more sales as soon as the list starts to expand. Your consumers will return to your establishment more frequently if you use Movylo to give them personalized coupon and interesting communications.

Its AutoPilot automates everything. It has the best Facebook marketing strategy for small businesses to grow at their full potential!

For small-business owners who don’t want to spend a lot of time using the software but want to enhance customer interaction and get more customers into their locations, Movylo is the top Facebook marketing automation engine. AutoPilot is used by Movylo. It only requires activation, customization, and then abandonment.

Features of Movylo:

Below are some of the notable features of Movylo


Your consumer base will continue to increase as a result of this. The contact information for your customers may be found here.

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In-store and online payments:

If you have a store, you may encourage more people to visit it, or you can advertise your company online using the digital store Movylo (personal digital store created with Movylo….) makes for you. Add your PayPal account after that to begin selling online.

Marketing Automation:

Its primary service is known as AutoPilot. Imagine a system that engages your clients and encourages them to return for more in-person or online purchases by sending them personalized coupons and targeted communications.

Integrations to capture leads from Facebook likes, WhatsApp, website, Google My Business, and more:

The list of your customers may be found in the CRM, but how can you locate and acquire new clients? Each day, potential clients that visit your website, social media sites, etc., see your business. You can capture such consumers from Facebook likes, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google My Business interactions by using Movylo!

Coupon Engine:

What could be more effective than giving clients personalized communications with bonuses, discounts, or coupons to encourage them to visit your store more frequently? When customers leave a review (please, read also Online reviews. How to get more with Movylo in ten steps) when they refer a friend to buy, or have a birthday…: they will receive from the Autopilot a message with a coupon.


Loyalty Engine:

Create a loyalty program with one or more tiers. Give consumers loyalty points both manually and automatically to encourage their return. On this topic, please read also How to Create Customers Loyalty Programs with Movylo

Digital store to sell online:

You will have a fully functional digital store for your campaigns. This won’t be your internet store but a straightforward collection of landing pages to aid your online sales.

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You will have a personal internet store to sell via app and online your products.

Newsletter Engine:

Want to interact with your clients? Create stunning newsletters in a few clicks and deliver them to consumers!

Mobile App for customers:

Use their App to gain Facebook likes! Your consumers may use the App to administer your loyalty program, view your promotions, and make purchases from your business (not mandatory for customers).

Movylo app is free to download 


Movylo is the best thing for small businesses:

The concept behind Movylo, which caters to small business owners, is that you operate a local business (a restaurant, salon, retail store, etc.) and have limited time to devote to Facebook marketing to promote your company.

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You are hiring a company to build you a website, market it with SEO, and run social media campaigns to bring you new clients from Facebook Likes, WhatsApp, Instagram and Google My Business Interactions.

Now, what do you require? To gather all the leads (contact information like email addresses and phone numbers) you receive through social media campaigns, WiFi, and the website’s contact form and nurture them automatically over time to turn them into a steady stream of sincere and devoted consumers entering the business. What Movylo does is this.

A nurturing and customer engagement engine called Movylo distributes customized communications to a company’s consumers. With the help of Movylo, this automates the transformation of a list of emails or phone numbers into a stream of actual clients in the business!

How can Movylo help you close more sales through Facebook likes?

How to use Facebook for business? Well, below are some of the things that Movylo can do for you:

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Establishing a personal connection with your customers:

By enabling you to establish a personal connection with your prospects, the sales tool Movylo helps you close more agreements. With Movylo, you can make customized movies for each of your prospects and send them right to their inboxes. Sending a customized video is meant to help you connect with and establish a relationship with your prospect.

Simple and easy-to-use interface:

It’s really simple to use and very inexpensive to utilize Movylo. If you decide Movylo is useful for your company, you may use it for free before upgrading to a premium subscription. Additionally, Movylo interfaces with many of the top CRM systems, making it simple to monitor your progress and determine how Movylo is affecting your sales.

You should check out Movylo to increase your sales and close more transactions. It is a strong instrument that has the potential to impact your company significantly. So why are you still waiting? Try Movylo right now!

It acts as a sales stimulant:

Any company trying to increase sales and profits should use Movylo as a sales stimulant. You can forge connections and increase sales with Movylo because of its ability to relate personally to potential customers. 

So why are you still waiting? Try Movylo right now! You won’t be let down. Claim your free marketing consultation, without obligation.