Online reviews. How to get more with movylo in ten steps

online reviews. How to get more with movylo

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Online reviews are one of the most important factors for businesses looking to grow online. The success of your business can be significantly influenced by them. So it’s essential to know how to get more positive reviews.

When a customer decides to make a purchase from your company a lot of factors are involved. He typically asks his friends for recommendations and then does online research to discover options. 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to Oberlo.

Remember: your existing customers are your best company’s salespeople.
Online Reviews are a great opportunity for businesses to engage with customers and build loyalty.

If your business has positive online reviews it will have a better chance of being chosen. What’s more, 94% of consumers say a bad review has convinced them to avoid a business. So, if you want to grow your business, it’s essential to get more positive online reviews, that will help both to build a loyal customer base and to improve your online visibility!

How to get more reviews in ten steps

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 steps that you can take to increase the number of positive online reviews for your business!

  1. Online reviews management. 

    Claim Your Business Listings. Which review sites are consumers using? Google, Yelp and Facebook are the most consulted. But there are a lot of customer review sites like Tripadvisor, Foursquare, Trustpilot. It is very important to respond to every review, positive and negative, and monitor what’s being said about your business. You can’t do that unless you claim your business listings on major sites.

  2. Encourage Reviews from Your Customers

    The second step is to encourage reviews from your customers. 98% read online reviews for local businesses, according to Local consumer Review survey 2022. Send follow-up emails after a purchase or transaction, or ask for reviews on social networks and in person. The autopilot of Movylo, for instance, can invite your costumer list to leave a review offering freebies and discount coupons. The autopilot works automatically but you decide the settings and you can regain control at any time.

  3. Make it Easy to Leave a Review

    . Your messages and emails to your customers should include links to your business listings, in order to make it easy for them to leave a review. You can also add a “Review Us” page on your website. Explain how important it is for you to receive good reviews by telling the passion and commitment you put into your daily work. People love know stories.

  4. Respond to all reviews, both positive and negative.

    This shows that you’re paying attention to what’s being said about your business, and it gives you an opportunity to address any concerns. When you respond  don’t forget to:

    • Say thank you
    • Be timely. Don’t take too long to respond
    • Be courteous
    • Understand your customer’s experience with your business and their requests
    • Offer additional information and use reviews to delving into the details of your products.
    • Apologize if necessary and offer your cooperation when a customer has a complaint.
    • Sign your answers to appear authentic and human.
  5. Get More Reviews on Popular Sites. 

    The fifth step is to get more reviews on popular sites like Google and Yelp, Facebook, Trupilot. This can be done by asking your customers to leave a review, and by offering incentives for those who do. By rewarding your reviews you will also gain a new customer for your list. Movylo helps you to transform automatically likes and visitors into customers. (Please read also How to turn Facebook Likes into customers)

  6. Encourage Reviews from Your Best Customers

    The sixth step is to encourage reviews from your best customers. This can be done by sending them personalized emails or giving them incentives to leave a review. Your happy clients will be your best salespeople.

  7. Use Positive Reviews in Your Marketing

    A lack of reviews makes buyers feel increased risk. By reviewing real feedback from others customers who have been there before, the choice to buy can become more easy. This is way is important to use positive reviews in your marketing. For example, you can showcase customer testimonials on your website or include them in your email newsletters. Movylo allows you to collect reviews from your customers and integrate them on your site, choosing which ones to display.

  8. Monitor Your Reviews Regularly

    Monitor your reviews regularly in order to be timely responding. This will also help you catch any negative reviews early and take action to address them.

  9. Resolve Any Negative Reviews Quickly

    Even bad reviews from time to time can be useful for your business. Clearly they must be in the minority. However, they help to ensure truthfulness. Resolve any negative reviews quickly and respond calmly, and openly. This shows customers that you’re taking their concerns seriously and that you’re committed to providing a great experience.

  10. Use Reviews to Improve Your Business

    .  The final step is to use reviews, both positive and negative ones, to improve your business. With reviews you can keep up with how customers are perceiving your activity. This means taking the time to read each review and make changes based on what you learn.

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Movylo, the platform that support you in marketing, allows you to collect and filter your customer reviews.
Thanks to the incentive system developed by the platform, it is possible to send a bonus (discount, bonus and freebies) to customers who decide to leave you a review on Movylo.
Once activated, the autopilot automatically sends your customers an invitation to leave a review.
You decide if and which reviews to publish and where to share them: on your website and/or on your social profiles.

What are you waiting for? Get started today to increase the number of positive online reviews for your business and grow your customer base.

Claim your free marketing consultation from Movylo and start collecting your online reviews now.