How to use the Movylo Campaign Calendar

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The importance of planning campaigns

Having a system for planning marketing campaigns is of paramount importance for any business that wants to be successful. Good planning of marketing campaigns allows you to achieve your business objectives, increase the visibility of your business and retain your customers. Thanks to a campaign planning system, business owners can organize their marketing activities in a strategic and targeted way, defining clear and precise objectives and choosing the target audience. In this way, marketing campaigns can be planned in advance, allowing more time to define strategies and choose the best actions to take. Furthermore, a system for planning marketing campaigns allows you to monitor the results of your actions, viewing metrics and statistics in real time and constantly improving your marketing strategies. Finally, thanks to a system for planning campaigns, it is possible to have an overview of the marketing activities of the business, avoiding overlaps or inconsistencies between the various actions. Above all, it allows you to schedule everything in one moment and not have to think about it in the future.

How to program campaigns with Movylo?

With this feature, business owners can plan and organize their marketing campaigns easily and effectively, monitoring results and constantly improving their strategies. Movylo’s campaign calendar is highly customizable, allowing you to program your campaigns according to your needs, choosing the start and end date and time and defining the target audience. In this way, users can plan and organize their campaigns in a precise and targeted way, achieving their business objectives.

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From the promotions menu > select companion calendar

What can you program with Movylo?

  • You can program newsletters for different categories of users
  • You can schedule different promotions of your products or services based on the preferences of your customer list
  • You can schedule your social posts

Obviously each campaign will have its own statistics based on the things done and with Movylo you can stay updated on everything to always know how to move in the future.

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