How to create a Newsletter with Movylo

come fare una newsletter con Movylo

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In this article we will learn how to make a Newsletter with Movylo and the importance of using them.

Newsletters are a very effective marketing tool for local businesses that intend to retain their customers. This tool allows you to keep in contact with customers by sending them useful information about news or current promotions. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of segmenting your contact list, it is possible to send personalized content based on the preferences of each customer, thus increasing the probability of receiving positive responses. Using newsletters therefore allows you to consolidate your online presence, build lasting relationships with your customers and increase sales opportunities.

How to create an effective newsletter: tips and guidelines for creating interesting and relevant content

How to make an effective newsletter is essential to maintain constant contact with your customers and retain them over time. To achieve this, it is important to follow some tips and guidelines. First of all, it is essential to choose a captivating and clear title that can arouse the reader’s interest from the first impact. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the structure of the newsletter, organizing the contents in a clear and easy-to-read way. It’s also a good idea to include images and videos to make the content more appealing and engaging. Another fundamental element is the relevance of the contents: it is important that the information sent is relevant to the target audience. Finally, it is advisable to include a clear and visible call-to-action to prompt the reader to take a specific action. By following these guidelines, it will be possible to create an effective newsletter capable of generating positive results for your business.

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How to create a Newsletter with Movylo

Movylo is a marketing platform that allows you to create customized newsletters quickly and easily. Here are the steps to create a newsletter with Movylo:

    • Log into your Movylo account and select “Create a Newsletter” from the “Promotions” section

    • Click on “start now” in the “send a message to your customers” section.

    From the Editor screen you can enter the subject of the message and start creating the Newsletter as you prefer


    • Personalize the selected model by inserting your logo, your colors and the desired images

    • Write the text of the newsletter, using an informal and engaging tone to capture the reader’s attention

    • Include links to pages on your website that you want to promote

    • Add a call-to-action to prompt recipients to take an action, like visit your website or buy a product

    • Segment your contact list based on user preferences, in order to send relevant content for each target group

    • Tick the sending you prefer, whether by email or by SMS

    • Send the newsletter to the chosen contact list.

    • Monitor the results through the metrics provided by Movylo in level 2

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    Movylo reporting

    Then in the “Reports” > “Newsletter” section you can easily see how many people and which ones have opened your newsletter

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