Email Marketing in 5 steps: Our Best Advice

email marketing


Why is Email Marketing important?

 Email marketing is very important because it allows you to sustain your clients’ relationships and send them content, updates, offers, promotions, and benefits to encourage new purchases.

Not all customers shop every time they visit your store. Few do. As you grow your mailing list and build your customer list, you give your business a proprietary channel to reach your “audience” and nurture the relationship with each one. Whether it’s a newsletter announcing a new product or a thank you email after a purchase, email marketing is the most effective communication channel for your business.

After all, the list of email contacts is a real asset in your hands, because it allows you to reach interested customers who share your way of seeing things and who you can contact whenever you want. Don’t wait for them to come to your store only when and if they remember to do it.

 How to Do Email Marketing?

Planning the use of email marketing for commercial activity such as a neighborhood shop or a professional activity means deciding the type of emails you intend to send, the frequency with which to send them, and the segment of customers to which to send them. The mailings must be periodic and scheduled regularly to offer a reading habit to customers.

Mailing platforms such as Mailchimp and MailUP are useful for sending well-structured organized emails with impactful graphics. They also offer numerous features for tracking shipments and monitoring yields, i.e., knowing who has read the emails and who has clicked them.

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5 Steps to Grow Your Business with Email Marketing:

1) Overcome Automatic Email Filtering:

The first step is always to ask for permission to be able to contact your customers. You have several ways to build your mailing list. In the world of junk mail, overcoming the barrier of automatic email filtering is far from obvious, but it is mandatory to have any hope of your emails being read.

2) Automate All the Steps you Can Make Automatic

Automate all the steps you can make automatic. The emails you can send to your customers can be organized according to their usefulness for your customers and the goals you want to achieve to grow your business! Once you’ve defined your mailing flow, you can delegate autopilot to take care of everything. You will no longer have to worry about remembering birthdays or anniversaries or rushing to send them at the best time and day because the autopilot will do all of this for you as soon as it is activated.

Thinking about the objectives to be achieved, you can in fact schedule different emails.

3) Email Marketing to Grow Your Customer List:

  • Send welcome emails: Don’t underestimate the potential of this simple welcome message. Turn it into an opportunity to generate new sales and build a relationship of mutual respect. Set up a short, simple, and effective message containing a discount coupon for example.
  • Ask your customers to introduce their friends to you: Word of mouth helps your business to grow organically and naturally. So, try to encourage these behaviors by rewarding them to motivate your customers to involve their friends and acquaintances to come and buy from you.
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4) Email Marketing to Build Customer Loyalty: Drive your customers back more often

  • Create a collection of loyalty points: Offer rewards to those who buy more often. Make sure you offer easily accessible rewards that may not go by the wayside. A rewards program is also a good idea to take advantage of email marketing and give a greater boost to the business, starting from the base of already loyal customers.
  • Reward reviews: The opinions of other people who have already experienced the product or service you are looking for offer security and guarantee that an experience can truly be rewarding, so don’t forget to thank all customers who spend a few minutes of their time to leave a comment about your products/services.
  • Personalize your emails using small tricks: Contact your customers by calling them by name. Use unique, short, and tracked links to track the behavior of your customers and improve your email marketing campaigns so that they can gradually be increasingly convincing. Use the data you have, such as your purchase history, to create a personalized approach that speaks directly to customers.

5) Email Marketing to Increase Sales

  • Use coupons and promotions to bring back customers who haven’t come to your store for a month. Offer them a discount coupon to get them back.
  • Thank every customer for buying and offer them a discount on their next purchase.
  • Celebrate your customers’ birthdays and top calendar anniversaries by offering them small benefits for new purchases.
  • Use reminders to let your customers know when a product is due for maintenance or renewal. In this way, you can keep the contact active and ensure the reconfirmation of the purchase.
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If you need a tool for your email marketing campaigns, you can try Movylo for free! If you are not fully convinced please read also How to create a newsletter with Mailchimp vs Movylo

Movylo helps you build your customer list to do email marketing in an engaging, consistent, and effective way. The autopilot then helps you to create your automated email marketing campaigns and save a lot of time, to get the maximum return in terms of profit.