Best Coupon Marketing Software 2022

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Coupon marketers have many options when it comes to software. We compared Groupon vs Movylo and noted some key differences.


Groupon is the most well-known coupon marketing software. Groupon was founded in 2008 and has become one of the largest digital commerce platforms, with over $2 billion annual revenue. It has a network of more than 70 million subscribers in 26 countries.

Groupon offers discounts on products and services to local businesses that can help them attract new customers through its website or mobile app. For example, if you own a restaurant near New York City and are looking for ways to boost sales during off-peak hours, then Groupon might be useful for you because it allows people who live nearby and want to try out new places at discounted rates (with the risk being borne by Groupon).

However, this may not work so well for B2B companies because their products tend not appeal as much to consumers who are just looking for something fun or interesting—they’re more likely interested in getting things done quickly rather than saving money!

Movylo: Optimal for Boosting Sales Automatically

Movylo is a solution for small businesses (SMBs) that want to increase their customer base. It helps you find the right offers and target your audience, so you can offer them the best deals.

The software uses a sophisticated Autopilot Engine that takes into account your company’s data, such as industry and location, in order to create personalized coupons for each customer. It also analyzes how each customer responds to different offers and uses this information to help you reach new customers who are most likely to buy from you. It automatically gets the job done, so it’s a crucial tool for time-savers.

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Movylo is easy to use—you only have to enter your company’s details once. The rest of the time, all of your coupon marketing activities are handled by the Movylo platform with no extra work required on your part!

Groupon is the most well-known coupon marketing software, but if you have a small business, with no time or patience, Movylo will reward you.

Groupon is an established leader in the coupon marketing industry, but if you’re a new business and want to save as much time and money as possible, Movylo is the best option. Movylo’s platform has been designed for SMBs who want to get all the job done, on Autopilot.

Movylo’s software, on the other hand, has been built from the ground up with a focus on helping businesses grow their sales with coupons and offers that are relevant to their audience, all automatically. In addition to offering great functionality for managing campaigns and tracking results, Movylo also gives each customer access to a personal marketing expert who will work with them throughout their campaign until they’re ready for it to end or move onto something new.


So, what’s the best coupon marketing software? It depends on how fast you want to get the job done. If you think that Movylo could be beneficial for your company, then you can try it out with their free trial.