Why you need it

If you run a local business increasing the flow of customers into your store is crucial to getting more sales.
To achieve this goal, you must constantly engage with your customers and this means dedicating a lot of time every day to carry out a long list of marketing actions, such as rewarding top customers, asking them to bring their friends, re-engaging with occasional visitors and a lot more. You should do ALL these things, EVERY SINGLE DAY and this takes a lot of time (this is why big brands have a marketing dept).


This is what Movylo can do for your business and it can save you time while delivering results.
The Movylo AutoPilot will send personal and targeted messages every day to your customers to engage with them and drive them back to your store.
It runs automatically, but you always have full control of it.


Curious about how many sales you lose every year by not engaging with your customers every day?