Whatsapp Marketing: Turn Your Friends into Real Sales

whatsapp marketing

There are over 1.5 billion active Whatsapp users in the world, and that number is only going to grow. What does that mean for your business? It means you need to start using Whatsapp marketing!

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can use Whatsapp to increase sales for your business. We will go over how to create a Whatsapp campaign, what type of content you should send, and how to track results. Are you ready to start using Whatsapp marketing? Let’s get started!

How to Create a Whatsapp Campaign:

Create a Group

The first step in creating a Whatsapp campaign is to create a group. This group will be your target audience for your campaign. Once you have created the group, you will need to add all of your contacts to it. Be sure to include customers, leads, and potential customers in your group.

Create Content

Once you have your target audience assembled, it’s time to start creating content for your campaign. What type of content should you send? Well, that depends on what type of business you have. If you are a BPO or an e-commerce company, you will want to send text messages with product information and special offers. If you are a restaurant or hotel, you will want to send images of your food or rooms, and if you are a lawyer, you will want to send legal tips.

The most important thing in the Whatsapp marketing is to keep your content short and sweet. Nobody wants to read a long message on Whatsapp. Try to keep your messages around 100 characters or less. Also, be sure to send images and videos whenever possible. They are more likely to be seen and shared than text messages.

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Track Results

Now that you know what type of content to send, it’s time to start tracking results. How do you track results on Whatsapp? There are a few different ways to do it. You can use Whatsapp Web to track how many people have opened your messages, or you can use a third-party app to track clicks and conversions. Whichever method you choose, be sure to track results so you can see how well your campaign is performing.


Whatsapp marketing is a great way to increase sales for your business. With over one billion active users, Whatsapp is a powerful marketing tool. Be sure to create a group of your target audience, send short and sweet content, and track results. You will be surprised at how well Whatsapp marketing can work for your business!