Marketing for Local Retail Shops

Learn How to Drive Extra Sales to your Local Retail Shop

Marketing for Local Retail Shops

Repeat purchases from your existing buyers make up a large percentage of your store's annual revenue, and you can increase this revenue by simply marketing to your existing customers.

Start by building your own customer list by collecting information like their name, email, and SMS number. Include additional info about your customers' preferences (like their favorite products or services). Then you can send them targeted promotions and discounts, attracting them back to your store and increasing your sales!

Here's an Example

Marketing for Local Retail Shops

This is one of the lowest cost marketing activities that Movylo helps you to do, to increase your sales.

Your customer list is a high-value asset of your local business, because it gives you a way to communicate directly with your customers. So start by asking your customers for their info at the counter, and your customer list will continue growing over time.

Loyalty Program Management for Your Retail Shop

Building customer loyalty is another very important part of continuing to get more repeat sales.

By rewarding your customers with loyalty-points when they visit your store, you'll increase their loyalty, giving them reward-points that can be applied towards future purchases. People absolutely love saving money and getting something for FREE.

Rewarding your patrons when they buy from you, shows them how much you care and appreciate their repeat business. This keeps them coming back and naturally increases your sales!

What Mobile Payments Can Do For Your Store

Movylo helps to ensure that you can get paid by your customers both in store and digitally, so that you can collect payments, even when customers aren't in your store!

For example: Imagine your customer, sitting at home & watching TV - when a new promotion pops up on their smartphone for 25% OFF their next purchase with you (when they spend \$25 or more).

Now imagine them being able to pre-pay the \$25 for this coupon, right from their smartphone, and collecting the pre-payment at your end in REAL TIME.

This is another great example of how Movylo helps you to increase your sales.

Promoting Your Local Retail Store On AutoPilot

We know how busy you are running your business. That's why Movylo also has a powerful suite of marketing automation tools that effortlessly promote your store for you, which are running in the background and keeping in touch with your customers.

All you need to invest is 5-10 minutes per week and Movylo does the rest, sending coupons, rewards and special offers to your customers via email, SMS, push notifications and social media.

Using Movylo is a proven way to generate extra, trackable sales, each and every month!