Recensioni trustpilot movylo

Promote your business, automatically

Recensioni trustpilot movylo
Movylo Testimonials Pet shop owner, Pub owner

If you don't promote your business,
you lose potential sales

Very often those who run a business do not have time to…

Send promotions (bonuses, offers, discounts, ...) and newsletters to engage with customers
Use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, … to find new customers
Send automated messages (birthday wishes, come back to visit us, bring a friend)
Ask customers to leave a review, accept online reservations,... and much more.
Movylo in the world

Movylo is for you:

We are helping thousands of business owners who want to promote online, but have no time for it.

How Movylo can help your business


Send unlimited promotions, newsletters, social posts, create your own loyalty program, accept reservations online… All this without spending too much time on it, because the Autopilot will work for you.


Sign up new customers from many sources (Facebook, Instagram, Google, QR codes,…) and grow YOUR customer list every day.



Increase in-store sales (customers download a coupon and come to redeem it in-store) and/or sell online, without needing an e-commerce.

What they say about us

Review Trustpilot Movylo
desole abbigliamento logo
Desole Apparel Store Designation

Movylo is a great solution for promoting your business, one of its strengths is definitely the well profiled customer list that grows with promotions and customer capture methods, with it I can easily create loyalty programmes with a points card or take advantage of newsletters to send discounts, so that my customers are always satisfied. I noticed changes in my business almost immediately as my customer list grew and more people returned to the shop to shop.

Faletti mountain store logo
Faletti mountain store Designation

I am very happy with Movylo because I find its algorithm works very well, customers are always satisfied with the promotions we send via the platform. The strong point is the newsletters with which I can always keep in touch with customers and keep them coming back more often thanks to the promotions. I started to see significant results after 4 or 5 months of using it because as the customer list grew thanks to the different sources of capture (such as the website, social and marketing material) more people returned to the shop.

Hairstylist Parnoffi Movylo
Hair Stylist Parnoffi Designation

I've been using Movylo for about a year now and I'm really enjoying it because it keeps my customers informed even when I'm doing something else, and customers come back because of the promotions. My favourite feature is being able to create month-to-month offers that the Autopilot sends out for me, I also find it very useful to send birthday greetings with discount coupons. Already after the first month, I started to see the first results, which gradually increased.

logo Biocity
Biocity Natura Designation

It's a really attractive and engaging platform, it's also convenient to use via the app, it's really helping us manage our loyalty programmes with a points collection system, but also the discount coupons always make our customers happy. It started working right away, we noticed the results and we are really satisfied!

An automated all-in-one solution with many features to grow your business


A reservation system to accept bookings from customers, e.g. booking a table, a massage, etc.

Campaign Scheduler

Create and schedule your offers, newsletters, social posts and send them automatically to customers


Learn who your customers are and their interests and shopping habits. One place to keep all your contacts.

Don’t worry, it’s risk-free

We know you need to see results before you decide to adopt Movylo

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