How to Convert Clicks on Your WordPress Site into Real Customers and Sales

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You have a website, which is the showcase of your business.

It receives clicks and views every day, but you have no idea who they are and consequently who is interested in your business.

This means that 90%+ of these clicks and visitors simply come and go away in a matter of seconds.

It would therefore be useful to be able to capture and subsequently convert these clicks into actual contacts and customers and this is how you can easily do it.

How to capture clicks on your WordPress site (and not only)

Capturing clicks and converting them is important for any business because it makes direct communication with them possible.

With the Movylo plugin this becomes possible: by installing it you can create and customize a pop-up that will appear every time a user visits your site. This action will allow you to convert your site visitors into real contacts who will automatically join a customer list.

For the Movylo Marketing Automation platform, this is not the only way to collect contacts, there are many other sources available which we will explain in the following paragraphs, for example through social networks, WhatsApp, flyers with QR codes…

How are clicks captured?

Visitors arrive at your website and, when they arrive at it, they see a contact form. Very often these contact forms offer a bonus to incentivize visitors to sign up.

All people who complete the contact form will leave their contacts (accepting the terms of Privacy) and become part of the customer list that is automatically generated by the Movylo platform (the data are owned by you and no one else!).

Day by day your customer list will increase and will be possible to send to the customers in the list messages like bonuses, discounts, coupons, newsletters… all things which you can do with Movylo.

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The Movylo WordPress plugin

Once the plugin is installed, you can customize the pop-up with the information you need, for example: name, last name, e-mail, telephone number, product or service preferences, date of birth, and much more… this helps also to profile the customer list in order to subsequently send targeted promotions.

By inserting an incentive (a discount voucher, a prize, a specific advice for your users) you can invite people to register and thus leave their information.

Once this information is obtained, Movylo will automatically insert it into a customer list, which can be used to communicate, send promotions and establish a direct relationship with your customers.

Here’s an example of what the pop-up might look like on your site:

Examples of using the plugin:

If you own a restaurant…

You could use the Movylo Plugin by customizing the pop up with these ideas:

Sign up to receive a beer as a gift by spending €25
Sign up to get 10% off your next dinner
Sign up to get a free “dish x” by spending at least €40

If you have a beauty salon…

You could use the Movylo plugin by customizing the pop up with these ideas to motivate visitors to sign up and join your customer list:

Sign up to get a 20% discounted VIP package of services
Sign up to get a prize with a minimum spend of €50
Sign up to get a discount on “treatment x”

If you have a shop…

Sign up to get a discount on your second purchase
Sign up to get discounted items just for you
Sign up to get a gift prize following a minimum purchase of €40

But it’s applicable to anyone who has a WordPress site and wants to capture and convert clicks into leads.

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You can also add a section to ask for the preferences of your visitors so you can then better profile your customer list.

Installing and activating plugin

First of all, you need to install and activate the free Movylo click conversion plugin. In the reserved area of your wordpress site select the item ‘Plugin’ in the menu on the left, then ‘Add new’. In the search bar on the right type ‘Movylo’ and the window with the image of the Movylo wordpress plugin will appear as in the following image.

Or you can download and implement it for free on your WordPress site directly from this link:

Once installed, you can activate it and start collecting data on user clicks.

More click capture methods

With Movylo, not only will you be able to capture and convert clicks from your site but also via other sources: Social (Facebook, Instagram), WhatsApp, Google My Business, importing excel files, shop kits with QR codes on flyers and stickers and with the application Movylo.

Here we can see how an activity that started with a few customers, in two months has managed, through the various sources, to grow its customer list

Through the social connection you can for example generate automatic posts on facebook to promote your products or services, people will download the bonus and will come to use it in your business: this generates an extra sale thanks to the promotion, Movylo is therefore able to convert a simple visitor into an end customer.

So what is Movylo?

Movylo can be considered a Marketing automation platform,  and our users are represented by small businesses (restaurants, beauty salons, bars, shops…), which usually do not have a marketing department or software tools to promote themselves, 

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And above all they have no time to spend to learn how to use software tools like Hubspot or others. And no, simply using tools like Mailchimp to create newsletters is not enough, there are a lot of points to connect in order to create a real growth.

Movylo wants to be the packaged solution that helps to capture customers from multiple sources, maintain and profile the customer list, communicate with them through offers, newsletters, SMS, posts on social networks, dedicated apps, and subsequently, convert into sales.

Furthermore, to support the platform, customers have a dedicated consultant who follows them on a monthly basis, to make sure they get results and not just clicks. This means combining human support with the world of automation.

This is the main dashboard of Movylo, the dashboard you will see when you sign up.

You will see your success divided into 3 Levels:

Level 1 concerns the creation of the customer list, some will come from the website (thanks to the pop-up plugin), others from social posts, from the in-store kit (flyers and QR code stickers), manual import for those who already have a customer list and much more.

Level 2 shows the engagement of customers and this is driven by the Movylo AutoPilot and the manual work you do on the platform (or the consultant does for you during the monthly call).

Level 3 shows how many coupons customers have downloaded and how many actual sales have been made thanks to the Movylo promotional engine.

The system is completely automated, because we know you want to see results rather than spending too much time in learning how to use the system.