What you get

The most important result you will get:
trackable EXTRA sales, both in store and via digital

And you will also get...

In-store & digital sales

Movylo will help you drive repeated visits of customers to your store

This will allow you to sell to customers (and get paid by them) even when they are not in your store, generating extra sales with happy customers is the easiest way to increase your profits.

Grow your customer list

A clean and growing list of the customers of your business

Not only name and email, but shopping habits, interests, social usage, level of loyalty

Learn customers' shopping habits

See how automatically customers are divided into segments

Top customers, good customers, sleeping customers, ...: every segment needs a different approach (reward top ones and re connect with sleeping ones)

A growing number of followers

More and more customers to follow your business

Via social, email, the Movylo mobile App, ...: if customers follow you you can then easily communicate with them, for free

Reviews and testimonials

Grow the list of reviews from your customers

Publish only the ones you like and offer a bonus to customers who leave a review: this will make them happy and generate an extra sale for you

Satisfaction level

Learn what your customers think about your services

Offer them a bonus to leave your their feedback: this will make them happy and generate an extra sale for you