Here's the list of the main features of Movylo

If you have a local business and you do not promote, as big brands do, every year you lose a lot of sales (and money...here you can calculate how much).
Promoting in the same way as big brands is not hard, it just requires focus and some tools: Movylo is a one-stop shop that includes all the tools you need to be effective on digital, without dedicating too much time or hiring a marketing director (Movylo works on autopilot).

Below you can see a list of the most important features of Movylo that can help your business:

  • manage existing customers;
  • acquire new customers;
  • engage with your customers, to keep them coming back;
  • promote your business;
  • get paid by your customers, online and in-store.

Included in your Movylo account you'll have:

  • A complete CRM to manage your customers, including tools to understand who they are, their interests,
    shopping habits, ...
  • A set of tools to find new customers like in-store material (ready for download), social connections (to help you convert likes and followers into real and loyal customers) and an integration with the Facebook Adv platform, to help you create Facebook sponsored campaigns directly from Movylo.
  • A loyalty engine, to create your own loyalty program and assign your customers loyalty points manually and automatically.
  • A marketing automation engine (we call it 'Autopilot') to engage with your customers without lifting a finger: the system will send messages you can customize in real time to your customers, offering them coupons they must redeem at your place. Birthday wishes, refer a friend, write a review, write a feedback, ... many different messages aimed at keeping customers coming back.
  • A couponing engine, to allow you to create your own deals and offers and send them to your customers via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter post, mobile...are all within a few clicks.
  • A newsletter engine, to allow you to create newsletters for your customers and share updates, events and much more.
  • Online and offline payment tools, to get paid by your customers both in store (via coupons they will bring to you) and online/mobile, paying you via PayPal or credit card.
  • A mobile App, for you and for your customers. The Movylo mobile App can be used by you, to create promotions on the go, validate coupons customers bring in, assign loyalty points, ....AND by your customers who want to follow you and manage their loyalty card and buy your deals on their smartphone (The App is not mandatory, it's only for users/customers who want to use it).
  • A lot of stats about your customers, shopping habits, levels of engagement, purchases and much more!

And remember...

Our top plans include a monthly call with a marketing consultant who will work with you to help you get the best out of Movylo and increase your sales month after month.