What you get

The most important result you will get:
trackable EXTRA sales, both in store and via digital

And you will also get...

In-store & digital sales

Movylo helps drive repeat customer visits to your store

This will allow you to sell to customers, even when they are not in your store, generating extra sales every month.

Grow your customer list

Movylo helps you to build a list of active customers

Your customer list is a huge asset to your business. We help you to collect customer’s names, email and phone numbers. Plus, their shopping habits, interests, social usage and level of loyalty


Movylo automatically segments customers based on buying habits

“Top customers”, “good customers”, “inactive customers”. Every segment gets a different followup approach (e.g. reward top customers, re-connect with inactive ones, etc.)

A growing number of followers

More and more customers to follow your business

Via social, email, the Movylo mobile App, ...: if customers follow you you can then easily communicate with them, for free

Reviews and testimonials

Movylo helps you to get more positive reviews

Offer a bonus to the customers who give you a review or testimonial, publishing only the ones you like. This improves your online reputation and increases engagement with your customers


Movylo helps you to see what your customers think about your services

Offer a bonus for customers to give you your their feedback. This helps you to engage even more with them, while improving your customer service