You want to promote your restaurant,
but have no time to do it, right?

Don't worry, we can help… 😃
We are helping thousands of restaurants find customers and sell more...

At Movylo (this is our name), we're a mix of technology (the system is automated)
human touch (we call you every month to help you/use the system for you)

Here's a video about us:

Here's a video about us:

With Movylo you can:

With Movylo you can:

Trasforma le interazioni in vendite con Movylo
Find customers and automatically engage with them
come organizzare un evento d successo
Promote your business online
calendario campagne
Create a loyalty
app prenotazioni
Send messages such as birthday wishes, bring a friend, come back to visit

Promoting online will help you increase your sales

How many sales are you losing?
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One of our success stories

Ritual Restaurant

We have a Mexican restaurant in Parma. In addition to providing high-quality food and creating a great atmosphere for our customers, we also aim to maintain communication with them, even when they are not dining at our restaurant.

Online promotion could have been a helpful approach, but it required a significant amount of effort. Therefore, we decided to give Movylo a try, as it offers a fantastic marketing solution that helps us save time. It is automated and includes a consultant who oversees the platform’s usage and the creation of promotions on a monthly basis!

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what they say about us...

Review Trustpilot Movylo
I am very happy with Movylo because I find its algorithm works very well!
Customers are very satisfied with the promotions we send via the platform.
Hair Stylist Parnoffi
Movylo it's a great solution for promoting your business, one of its strengths is definitely the well profiled customer list that grows with promotions and customer capture methods.
Desole Apparel store

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