How to build a social media campaign. 8 Effective Strategies

how to build a social media campaign

Table of Contents How can you build a social media campaign really effective? As a business owner or marketer, developing and executing your social media marketing strategy can be a perplexing task. Setting up your accounts and optimizing your profile is just the beginning. But, The only way to know for sure is to employ […]

How to convert your website clicks into real sales

How to convert your website clicks into real sales

Table of Contents You’re running a local business and you’ve invested a decent amount of money in building an amazing website, with the promise that this will flood your email with inquiries and you will convert website clicks into real sales and fill your pocket with money. You start checking your inbox everyday and nothing […]

How to create a newsletter with Mailchimp vs Movylo

newsletter Mailchimp

Table of Contents Introduction In this article, you’ll learn about two of the most popular email marketing tools on the market: Mailchimp and Movylo. We’ll discuss their pros and cons, then outline a few scenarios where one might be better than the other. Email Marketing Software Email marketing is a great way to stay in […]

How to promote a restaurant with Movylo

Contents Restaurants are a great business to start, but they can be challenging to promote and manage. If you want to get more customers and make more money, try Movylo’s customer list tool. It’s easy to use and will help you make your restaurant the most popular in town Create a customer list Accepting bookings […]

How to increase bookings and sales for a salon

increase bookings and sales for a salon

Table of Contents Introduction If you are looking for ways to increase bookings and sales for your salon, this article is for you. We have already presented Spa Promotions for Beauty and Hair Salon Owner and Steps to Increase Conversions on Your Spa Website: Boost Online Sales.   Here are some tips that will help your customers book […]

5 new ways to find new customers for restaurants in 2023

5 new ways to find new customers for restaurants in 2023

Table of Contents Introduction There’s no denying it: marketing is a necessary part of running any business. Even when you have great products and services, you still have to find ways to tell people about them. And while some companies do this by using traditional advertising methods like radio or television commercials, others prefer to […]

Just Eat app and Movylo app for your Restaurant Delivery Services


Table of Contents Just Eat app and Movylo app should be used as a number one resource by restaurants looking to capitalize on the delivery service boom. Just Eat is already the leading food delivery provider in the United Kingdom and they are set to make waves globally. Restaurants will also benefit from pairing Just […]

How to Create Customers Loyalty Programs with Movylo

Customers loyalty programs with Movylo

Table of Contents Are your looking to capture and retain more customers? Businesses that create customers loyalty programs with Movylo will not only capture more leads than ever before, but they’ll also build a loyal customer base that grows day after day. In the modern marketing world, there are a few key ways that customers […]

How Movylo helps you close sales through Facebook likes

How Movylo helps you close more sales through Facebook likes

Index Throughout the world, sales teams constantly search for a competitive advantage or a secret money-making weapon. Guess what, though? Such a thing exists and is known as a Movylo. You might not be familiar with Movylo, a sales stimulant that has the potential to impact your Facebook likes significantly. We’ll tell you all there […]